Risultati Eccellenti in ogni business

COME SI OTTENGONO Risultati Eccellenti in ogni business e molto rapidamente?

con un esempio molto pratico, ti dico che stamane il nostro staff ha inviato la newsletter ad oltre 15.030 PERSONE 😉 😉

Comprendi il senso di tutto ciò? ….15.030 Iscritti di una lista che leggono+cliccano+entrano nel business in un UNICO momento  . . . quindi puoi immaginare quanto diventa facile fare PROFITTI per qualsiasi affare.

La domanda che ti ripeto da sempre: TU hai una lista iscritti oppure la stai creando?

Risultati Eccellenti in ogni business

Business Tips how to make more Money 1

We want to show you exactly how to realistically make $10k – $30k per month or more (it’s me and Zach). This is a proven system we’ve been using for months and it will work for you ….even if you’ve zero internet marketing experience.

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How to make Millions of Dollars online

How to make millions of dollars online? …The RIGHT ANSWER is “The Focus on your Business”. Take a look at the following words from Shaqir, one of my amazing partners in MOBE.  ( look below for pretty good stuff 🙂 )

What’s your #1 secret for success?”

There are many, for TODAY : My answer? FOCUS!

What do I mean by “focus?” I mean…

You need to be selective about what gets your attention at any given time. You have to be strategic in your choice of what to focus on.

Think about a military commander. Is he going to send a handful of troops here, a handful there, spreading them around to wherever there’s some noise?

Heck no!

He’s going to be FOCUSED.

He’ll decide on a STRATEGY – what he wants to achieve overall.


And finally, he’ll direct all his forces to that one target.

He’s going to hit it hard.

He’s going to WIN that battle before he moves on to the next.

You’ve got to focus just like that military commander.

You’ve got to strategically select which goals you’ll fight for now – and which ones you’ll attack later.

Oh sure, you can try to fight ten different battles at once. But how likely are you to win any of those battles? Not very.

When you spread your energy that thin, it takes way too long to get anywhere. Eventually, after months or years, you might win one or two battles… but getting there is so much harder!

No matter how much you try to argue against it, FOCUS is still the #1 success factor.

Without it, none of the other self-development methods will work. I learned about focus the hard way – by struggling against it.

Here’s where you start:


You will get:

– A coach to walk you through the whole process.

– All the tools you need to get up and running and in profit fast.

– A GUARANTEE that if you don’t make at least $1000 they will pay you $500.

– Full money back guarantee so the risk is all on them.

– Get to work with me and I share all my traffic sources to get results.


Don’t make the same mistake I did and start to make millions of dollars online.

Submit your website for massive TRAFFIC

YES Submit your website for massive TRAFFIC and email your hosting to support it (I suggest you to do that).  The number one question that I always get from new affiliate marketers is, “How do I get traffic to my squeeze page?

My advice is to use methods that have been proven to work. Try one method at a time. Make it work for you, and then move on to something else.

Today, I’m going to talk about “Ezine Ad Swaps”…

I’ve used this method to add thousands of new subscribers to my list in a single day. Here’s how it works:

You simply make a verbal agreement with another list owner to send his ad to your list. In return, he sends your ad to his list.

If your lists are both the same size, it stops there. But if your list is bigger or smaller, you compensate by sending more or fewer ads.

For example, if your list is 2,000 and his is 4,000, you would send his ad twice and he would send your ad just once.

Of course size doesn’t always matter. Results are what really count.

So if you get good results from a particular ad swap, you may want to try it again. Use a tracking link so you know how many subscribers you received. If you got good results, see if the list owner wants swap ads again.

1)) Millions of Free Visitors to your web site:

Terrific FREE Networks to get instant traffic:

What are you waiting for? … Submit your website for massive TRAFFIC!


I’m going to outline a plan for you to get to $10k as fast as possible. I want you to realise that if you’re wasting your time buying WSO’s, the newest clickbank product or 90% of the products people push you’re waisting your time and money.

Theres a reason you never see me promoting these types of offers. I know it will confuse the people who follow me and will only lead you down a path that makes you frustrated and broke.

I only focus on the highest converting offers that make me money, my coaching students money and they will make you a lot of money too if you apply them. I can take vacation, I can ride my motorcycle and I can spend time with my family and the money still comes in like clock work.

How? …. I learned exactly what i’m about to teach you and if you apply these tips it’s the fastest way I know to get to a $10k a month income.

What I’m about to share with you is what has allowed me to buy whatever I want, work when I want and it’s allowing me to DO WHAT I LOVE (yeeaah i love this!). So I hope you take the time to read it, let it sink in and get to work and make some money.

The only thing that matters in this business is building your email subscriber list. It’s the key to true push button money.

I want to point out the obvious and show you what you should be doing. You signup to peoples email lists, they promote offers to you and they collect money. Now imagine the bigger that email subscriber list gets the more money they make.

Having your very own email list of people who love you, trust you and want to hear from you is the most powerful way to make income online. It’s how I can push a button and make as much as $50k in a single day with the right offer.

If you want to make the money you see others making, if you want to create time freedom and be able to do whatever it is you want on your own terms the key is building your email list.

“Why You Need An Email List!!!!!!!!!!”

1.) A email list gives you leverage

Nothing and I mean nothing can beat an email list. It allows you to send traffic anywhere you want to direct it with a push of a button.

how to create a list

If you want to promote an affiliate offer, your own product or just get someone to read a blog post it’s as simple as pushing a button. Just imagine when you can send an email and collect an easy $1000 without any effort. I do it all the time!!!!!!

Theres plenty of ways to make money online, but a email list is an asset that lets you make money day after day, month after month and it’s never going to change.

2.) A email list allows you to give yourself massive pay raises.

This is the only business I know it’s possible to give yourself pay raises without any effort. For every person on your list you should be making a minimum of $1 per subscriber.

If you focus on helping the people on your list and solving their problems then you can expect a lot more. So if you focus on the numbers, it’s like a game. If you want to make more money you just increase your subscriber list.

Example: 1000 subscribers = $1000 a month average income.

10,000 subscribers = $10,000 a month average income.

how to create a list

So now with knowing how easy it is, your focus should be on increasing your email subscriber list every single month. If you just work off the numbers you can give yourself monthly pay raises. Make a little money, reinvest into getting more subscribers and you instantly increased your monthly income.

Your email list allows you to work anywhere in the world.

The reason I was attracted to this business was the fact that I can travel anywhere and make money as long as I have my computer. Maybe you don’t care about traveling, but when you have an email list you can work anywhere and spend more time doing what you want to do.

The money is in the follow up.

It doesn’t matter what business model you’re in, the money is in the follow up. Most people don’t buy immediately.

The average person needs to be exposed to an offer 7 times before making the decision to buy. People need to be exposed to the offer often, they need to warm up to you and an email list allows you to do both. If you’re just marketing on your blog, running traffic to a sales page and you don’t get the sale you lost that person forever.

However if you collect the persons email you can follow up with them often and keep exposing them to the offer to show them why they should do business with you.

Most people just want to feel like the person they’re buying from is a real person, someone who cares and not someone just trying to take their money. The more you followup, the more you make them feel like you’re there to help and you show them how they can solve their problems the more money you will make.

I’ve never made a ton of money just running people to sales pages, but once people read my emails, see my Facebook posts and read my content they see I’m someone who can help them get results and then they make a purchase.

If you’re not emailing your subscribers often then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table because most people won’t buy from you as soon as they see the offer. Focus on building a strong relationship with your list and focus on helping those people and you will make a lot of money every time you send an email.

Your email list converts better then cold traffic.

If you don’t know, cold traffic is when someone see’s one of your ads or just comes across you. They have no clue who you’re, but your email subscriber list knows you, trusts you and if you treat them well they buy whatever you recommend to them.

I’ve been able to compete with marketers in promotions who have huge paid traffic budgets. Your email list will be your biggest asset in your business and it will allow you to collect money over and over again.

You will never find a traffic source that will convert better then your email list. If you want to learn how to create a massively profitable email list then join me in My Top Tier Business.

MTTB will allow you to build a big email list, make money on the backend of your sales funnel and scale to make more money like I’ve done. Once you get signed up you will be getting:

– My $2000 coaching course that shows you everything
I do in my business.

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Keven Herrington from Shark Tank tells his story (4 Billion Dollar man)

See the video “Keven Herrington from Shark Tank tells his story“. It’s pretty GOOD stuff. 😀

I’d like to introduce you to a nice man (4 Billion Dollar man), Keven Herrington, who you might know from the show “Shark Tank.” He is often regarded as the creator of the infomercial… He’s generated enormous income for himself and the creators of the products he helped promote over the years. Let’s listen to some of his story

Your business will never be a real business until you start treating it like a business. Success isn’t a pretty road, it’s the road less traveled. It’s more like a roller coaster ride that will leave you bruised, battered and beat to hell.

CLICK HERE and claim your $355 Business Kickstarter Strategy Session… and you can ask my friendly Coach any question you may have 🙂

End of this post “Keven Herrington from Shark Tank tells his story (4 Billion Dollar man)”.

Business VISION and the Lack of FOCUS

If your vision was clear, if you were laser focused on that goal and you knew exactly what you want to achieve you wouldn’t be doing any of the three things below:

1)) Most people ask all the wrong questions.

2)) Most people think all the wrong thoughts.

3)) Most people do all the wrong things.

The reason for all three of these things is because of the lack of focus.

You wouldn’t be asking what should I do to get results. You would be thinking will I ever reach success or what am I missing. You wouldn’t be wandering aimlessly in all different directions hoping the next shiny object or the net traffic method is going to be the winner.

Take a look around. Now look a little more. Who do you see getting results? What are they doing everyday?

Do they do FB posts everyday? Do they blog? Do they email their list daily? Do they buy solo ads? Do they do FB ppc?

Theres a reason they do what they do 🙂 … When you have such a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve these silly questions and self doubts are no more. I used to ask all the wrong questions like:

How does (insert leader name) get so many people following them.

How does (insert leader name) make so many sales all the time.

What am I missing and why isn’t this working?

The reason for this……I was all over the damn place. Then I sat down one day and defined what I wanted to achieve in business, my personal life and what I wanted my dream life to look like. Suddenly things started to slap me right in the face and I had clarity.

I stopped buying the programs and being the consumer and flipped the switch and became the marketer. I put two and two together which equals five(just kidding, have to make sure you’re following me here)

Back to the point……I started paying attention to people and watching what they were doing. I devised a plan and got to work and created my own version.

Pretty soon my bank account got bigger, more opportunities presented themselves and now my life is pretty darn fantastic. Now this didn’t happen overnight, but it happened very fast once I got clear with what I wanted out of life and defined how fast I was going to achieve it.

So if you’re getting mediocre results at best it’s probably because you have no focus and you’re easily swayed when you see new opportunities or read something a leader says is the right thing to do.

For me I can’t be swayed. No matter what people say it goes in one ear and out the other unless it’s from a mentor I hire to take me to the next level. This business requires you to learn a few skills, remain focused and be willing to put in the dues to master your craft.

If you get clear on your vision and stay focused everything else will work itself out 😉 Stop worrying about what could happen and start making it happen.

Stop saying what if I invest the money and lose when if you decide you will win no matter what, it’s impossible to lose. When you define what you want out of life and you truly believe in it and you remain focused on that goal not even a freight train can take you off the track to success.


Self doubt is the #1 killer in Business

As I was speaking with one of my coaching students this morning I realized one thing….

Self doubt is the #1 killer in this business.

If you’ve been reading my emails often you probably think I’m this untouchable guy who does $50k-$70k a month. And you’re right …. except the untouchable part.

Maybe right now you’re down to your last dollar. Maybe you have money, but not sure where to get started. Maybe you just doubt yourself on a daily basis thinking things like “Sure Massimo it’s easy for you”.

Years ago I was in your exact shoes.

Years ago I was experiencing the same doubts that you have.

Years ago everyone around me doubted me.

So what was the changing factor?

What spurred all my success?

I made a DECISION that I was tired of struggling, I was tired of being broke and I was tired of watching everyone else be successful. I stopped making excuses and I took accountability for my own life. I no longer said things like:

– I’m broke and I don’t have the money.

– I don’t know where to start.

– If I had a list I could make money.

I found a way to raise the money by freelancing, selling services and doing affiliate marketing with basically zero budget to earn the money. I learned what to do by reverse engineering others and copy what successful people do (feel free to copy me).

(daily leads that I got in my business, I mean new leads)

I mastered a traffic source to generate fresh leads daily so I could get my message or offer in front of the right people.

But…..it all started with the decision to stop the whining, complaining and excuse making and start producing results. What you may not realize is that you have what it takes right here, right now no matter what circumstance you may be in.


Maybe your current circumstance isn’t as bad as mine was or maybe you have it worse than me…..it doesn’t matter. If you just make the DECISION to take charge of your life right now in 3-6 months you can be in the exact same place I’m at right now.

Is six months to long to create a high six figure business?

Is six months to long to create a life you love living?

Is six months to long to FIRE your boss and live life on your terms?

Is six months to long to commit once and for all to yourself and your family?

I believe it’s possible for anyone to become successful in this business in six months, even YOU.

Follow my emails, follow my blog and add me as a friend here on FB and read the daily tips I share. If you just apply 1/4th of the information I share with you then you have everything you need to duplicate me.

I truly want to see YOU succeed, but it’s up to you to apply what I teach. I have successful coaching students making big boy bucks and then I have broke coaching students.

Whats the difference?

The successful ones didn’t make excuses and they committed themselves once and for all to stop playing small. You can finish 2014 out strong, but it all comes down to making that choice.


How I Built a Lifestyle Business I Love

Yeaahhh ….how I built a Lifestyle Business I love and how you can get it (this is no secret believe me).

One of the biggest questions people write me about is how to deal with all the outside circumstances life throws out them why trying to build their business. Why most marketers are writing you everyday telling you about the new shiny program that launched that will make you $3000 overnight (YAWN!)

Most people are just trying to figure out how to launch their business why short on cash, juggling their responsibilities like kids and family and trying to get enough sleep before the next day of work.

So I will give it to you straight……

“If it will be, it’s up to YOU”

If you want to build your business, quit your job and live the lifestyle you truly deserve YOU have to take responsibility for yourself, your business and your future right now. Most people spend time making excuses like:

– I couldn’t work on my business tonight because (insert excuse here)

– I could build my business if I just had more money.

– I could build my business if someone would just show me how.

– I could build my business if I had the email list like you do Zach.

– Any other BS excuse people come up with.

Your business will never be a real business until you start treating it like a business and not a hobby. You see…..people pursue their hobbies when they have spare time and when the timing is right.

How I Built a Lifestyle Business I Love
 ( a little part of my sales inside my email account )

But…..the timing is never right when you’re building your business. You will have ruts, obstacles, frustrations and people trying to stand in your way of success. People will laugh at you, tell you that you can’t do it, upset you and doubt you.

You will feel like you’re not worthy, aren’t smart enough and think other people must know something you don’t know. You will do well, hit obstacles, run out of money, make lots of money and hit obstacles again. Success isn’t a pretty road, it’s the road less traveled.

It’s more like a roller coaster ride that will leave you bruised, battered and beat to hell.

But……the difference is a job beats the hell out of you, drains you, mentally taxes you, under pays you and kills your confidence to the point that you think you’re worth a dollar amount.

But…. the truth is your time is worth a lot more than you’re currently being paid.

Whether YOU know it now or not, you have have value my friend and until you take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your business you will remain stuck. I used to be a whiner, a complainer and a major excuse maker, but once I took responsibility for myself and my business everything changed.

You can start today, bust your ass for 3 months and be out of your job when you make the DECISION to. Instead of plugging an affiliate link here I will leave you to think about that one for a while.


How to become RICH with internet

How to become RICH with internet? …Most people want to succeed deep down inside, but don’t know how. People who’re destined to fail use words like:

It’s a scam
It doesn’t work
I hope this will work
I will give it a try
Maybe this one will work
It’s a scam

These same people end up going from product to product hoping it’s going to be the big one for them. They try different business opportunities, join different leaders and think that one of these times it will be the magic ticket to their success.

Eventually they end up blaming the leader they joined, the company or even the compensation plan for the reason they failed.

They think that all the successful people are holding out something, a missing piece to the puzzle or they’re not sharing what really works to succeed. Every company they join, every product they buy and no matter what leader they join they end up with the same crappy results.

What gives? …. Why are others succeeding, but not them?

Something is not being told here!

But, the sad reality is it’s not the products, it’s not the company and it’s 110% not the leader that let them down. It’s themselves!

If this is YOU, it may be a hard thing to swallow, but it’s time for a change if you want to be successful.

It’s time:

You stop jumping around to different programs.

You get focused and decide you will see it through.

You get the success you deserve by being coachable and listening to people more successful than yourself.

That you clear all the garbage and self sabotaging beliefs out of your head and open your mind to be successful. Thousands of people have got the results they wanted by Watching This Video.

This system makes it so you:

Don’t have to setup a website

Don’t have to make sales videos

Don’t need to learn copywriting

Don’t need to know anything technical

It’s all done for YOU and it makes it so you can stop worrying about all of the unimportant stuff and start focusing on what is important…..

……And that is making sales!

Once you get started you will get an email from me to get my coaching and the help you need. There’s no reason to keep struggling, doing what doesn’t work and trying to figure this out on your own.