How I Built a Lifestyle Business I Love

Yeaahhh ….how I built a Lifestyle Business I love and how you can get it (this is no secret believe me).

One of the biggest questions people write me about is how to deal with all the outside circumstances life throws out them why trying to build their business. Why most marketers are writing you everyday telling you about the new shiny program that launched that will make you $3000 overnight (YAWN!)

Most people are just trying to figure out how to launch their business why short on cash, juggling their responsibilities like kids and family and trying to get enough sleep before the next day of work.

So I will give it to you straight……

“If it will be, it’s up to YOU”

If you want to build your business, quit your job and live the lifestyle you truly deserve YOU have to take responsibility for yourself, your business and your future right now. Most people spend time making excuses like:

– I couldn’t work on my business tonight because (insert excuse here)

– I could build my business if I just had more money.

– I could build my business if someone would just show me how.

– I could build my business if I had the email list like you do Zach.

– Any other BS excuse people come up with.

Your business will never be a real business until you start treating it like a business and not a hobby. You see…..people pursue their hobbies when they have spare time and when the timing is right.

How I Built a Lifestyle Business I Love
 ( a little part of my sales inside my email account )

But…..the timing is never right when you’re building your business. You will have ruts, obstacles, frustrations and people trying to stand in your way of success. People will laugh at you, tell you that you can’t do it, upset you and doubt you.

You will feel like you’re not worthy, aren’t smart enough and think other people must know something you don’t know. You will do well, hit obstacles, run out of money, make lots of money and hit obstacles again. Success isn’t a pretty road, it’s the road less traveled.

It’s more like a roller coaster ride that will leave you bruised, battered and beat to hell.

But……the difference is a job beats the hell out of you, drains you, mentally taxes you, under pays you and kills your confidence to the point that you think you’re worth a dollar amount.

But…. the truth is your time is worth a lot more than you’re currently being paid.

Whether YOU know it now or not, you have have value my friend and until you take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your business you will remain stuck. I used to be a whiner, a complainer and a major excuse maker, but once I took responsibility for myself and my business everything changed.

You can start today, bust your ass for 3 months and be out of your job when you make the DECISION to. Instead of plugging an affiliate link here I will leave you to think about that one for a while.

How to become RICH with internet

How to become RICH with internet? …Most people want to succeed deep down inside, but don’t know how. People who’re destined to fail use words like:

It’s a scam
It doesn’t work
I hope this will work
I will give it a try
Maybe this one will work
It’s a scam

These same people end up going from product to product hoping it’s going to be the big one for them. They try different business opportunities, join different leaders and think that one of these times it will be the magic ticket to their success.

Eventually they end up blaming the leader they joined, the company or even the compensation plan for the reason they failed.

They think that all the successful people are holding out something, a missing piece to the puzzle or they’re not sharing what really works to succeed. Every company they join, every product they buy and no matter what leader they join they end up with the same crappy results.

What gives? …. Why are others succeeding, but not them?

Something is not being told here!

But, the sad reality is it’s not the products, it’s not the company and it’s 110% not the leader that let them down. It’s themselves!

If this is YOU, it may be a hard thing to swallow, but it’s time for a change if you want to be successful.

It’s time:

You stop jumping around to different programs.

You get focused and decide you will see it through.

You get the success you deserve by being coachable and listening to people more successful than yourself.

That you clear all the garbage and self sabotaging beliefs out of your head and open your mind to be successful. Thousands of people have got the results they wanted by Watching This Video.

This system makes it so you:

Don’t have to setup a website

Don’t have to make sales videos

Don’t need to learn copywriting

Don’t need to know anything technical

It’s all done for YOU and it makes it so you can stop worrying about all of the unimportant stuff and start focusing on what is important…..

……And that is making sales!

Once you get started you will get an email from me to get my coaching and the help you need. There’s no reason to keep struggling, doing what doesn’t work and trying to figure this out on your own.

Soload for MOBE and MTTB targeted traffic

If you need a Soload for MOBE and MTTB targeted traffic, I strongly suggest you to read below (SAVE your time and your money right now, read this content).

There are many people that search these terms:

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Today I want to share a tip with you on how to market your business the right way and why you should avoid what most people do. Regardless what the guru’s told you about needing a big list to make a lot of money it’s simply not true.

THE SECRET IS => You need to add massive value to peoples lives.

For these reasons I have a team of people that help people to reach their business GOAL (this is the real secret that you need in your business, write it down before to waste your money in advertising).

Most people post their biz opp, spam their product in every single post. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!

Business 101: Relationship Building

The problem with internet marketing as a whole is that people started pushing this angle to hide behind a computer, send people to a squeeze page and tweak to get conversions. That’s great and all and I’m all for automation, but nothing will ever beat relationship building.

When I tell people how big my email list is and how much money I make a month their jaw hits the floor. Most people are to busy being “ME” marketers and trying to extract every dollar they can as people go through their sales funnel and then off to buy more traffic to get more customers.

However they don’t realise they’re losing a ton of money. Your best customers will always be people who already purchased from you. I’ve built a loyal following and it’s because I focus on 80% value and 20% selling.

Most people have no clue when I do sell them, but they don’t realize I’m selling them on working with me everyday. People buy from people they like and trust, not some random person mailing them to a sales page or spamming their link on their FB wall.

There will always be that newbie who buys as soon as they get on your list, but once people wise up they’re looking for a leader to follow.

You have two choices:

– Buy tons and tons of traffic to get conversions.

– Focus on providing tons of value and convert a large percentage of people who go through your funnel and turn them into loyal customers.

I don’t know about you, but I like the 2nd option. Everything I do comes down to stuffing value down peoples throats until they know I’m the guy they need to work with.

I do it on my blog, in my sales funnels, in my training and when I have one on one conversations with people. When you serve people at the highest level your conversion rates sky rocket through the roof. I’m about to step into the arena to play with the big boys and run 10’s of thousands of dollars in traffic a month.

Will I drop my value approach?

Hell no!!!!!!

I’m already laying the foundation by hiring more employees, preparing for the excess customers and making sure I can serve my customers at the highest level possible.

Over deliver on everything you do including helping people, sharing tips for free that will help people build their business, bonus packages and customer service. People will come back over and over again. I don’t need to sell.

I couldn’t stop the money that flows into my account if I wanted to. When you over deliver 24 freaking 7 then you stand miles above the competition. I think we’ve all had several experiences of buying peoples products and feeling taken or it wasn’t worth the money we spent.

Don’t be that guy or girl. Give your followers whatever they want and make sure it puts a smile on there face. And stop spamming your links because you’re wasting your time.


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You are FIRED

Most people live their lives with excuses and play the blame game. I see it everyday!

My news feed has been covered with crap about Obamacare and how to government isn’t helping anyone and people are losing their jobs. I feel for those people I really do, but this should be everyones wake up call that a JOB ( Just Over Broke) isn’t the security people think it is.

When you work for someone else you’re building their dream. You’re relying on them to make smart decisions, invest their money properly and to lead the company in the right direction.

I quit my job years ago to build MY dream. Funny thing is most of the people I worked with no longer have jobs and they’re playing the blame game.

But….There has never been a better time to change your future, to become financially free, to be a master of your own time.

People use excuses like- – – “Sure Max, it’s easy for you because you’re smart” or “You must have had money when you started” or “I would love to start a business, but I don’t know how”.

When I started my online business I found many problems:

– no money.

– no startup funds.

– Had not a clue what I was doing (zero experience).

– Took a major risk that I could fail.

– Felt like I had a mountain to climb to learn everything.

But….I didn’t make excuses, I spent every spare moment I had studying, consuming myself with successful people and how they did it, sacrificed fun with my friends and I made it my mission to not work for someone else and let them control my future.

For anyone who makes an excuse of why they can’t change their future or succeed, this is the very reason you won’t become successful. Successful people don’t make excuses, they find a way.

They don’t allow a lack of funds, knowledge or disadvantages stop them.

They don’t wait for the timing to be right.

They don’t need motivation from others because they have so much damn motivation themselves they’re FIRED UP!

I’ve watched people from 3rd world countries go from nothing to being successful online why some of my 1st world country coaching students make all the excuses in the world of why they can’t do it.

It doesn’t mater:

– Where you’re in life right now.

– How much debt you may have.

– How bad your life sucks and you think no one else’s situation is worse.

– If you have no knowledge of how to get started.

If your desire to WIN is big enough you will figure out a way to come up with the money, figure out how to acquire the knowledge and you will start building your dream and not someone else’s. You have value my friend, start putting it to use.

Don’t let other’s hold you back from the life you were meant to live. I believe everyone can change their future when they make a DECISION to do whatever it takes.

Most people want Success, and YOU?

Most people want success, but they make every excuse in the world why they don’t get things done. Look we all have personal commitments, children, families and personal issues we deal with in day to day life. If you use those types of things as crutches for the reason as to why you didn’t move your goals forward then 6 months from now you will be saying…

“In 2015 I’m going to make all my goals come true”

What I find funny is that lazy people are always busy. In fact sometimes more busy than myself. Lazy people stay busy in order to pretend they’re doing something important with their life, but the fact of the matter is they’re just wasting lots of time.

I used to be one of these lazy people.

I would sit down at my computer and do everything but what needed to be done.

I would pretend I was being productive, but I was everything but productive.

I was really good at playing on Facebook, watching Youtube videos and watching people do it. But……all I was doing was watching from the sidelines. I wasn’t in the game, I was sitting on the bench.

That was when I realized your daily habits will define your future. If you don’t have a daily and weekly plan then you will never get anything done. If you don’t force yourself to shut out all distractions like your cell phone, Facebook, Skype and TV you will never get anything done.

If you don’t let your family know that you’re serious about building your business and each night you need a few hours alone to yourself to focus on your business, you will not get anything done. If you don’t stop watching other people do it and stop focusing on how much money everyone else is making and reading their success stories, then you will not get anything done.

If you don’t stop buying course after course and start focusing on one method and mastering it and making it successful, then you will never get anything done.

If you don’t stop subscribing to everyones email list so you have 50 + emails coming in every single day, confusing you on what to do, then you will never get anything done.

If you don’t find 3-5 people to follow and shut out the rest of the noise you will never get anything done.

If you don’t learn to master traffic generation you will never get anything done.

If you don’t find a mentor to help you put everything together you will never get anything done.

Want to learn how I can signup 50 people in a day to a new offer? Want to learn how I get people to follow me and buy whatever I’m selling? Join my free newsletter where I will teach you the valuable skills you need to get results in your business.

Business MISTAKES will hurt you

I want to share with you some common mistakes I see most people making. If you’re doing any of these yourself it’s going to
keep you broke and you will struggle a lot longer then you need to….

Before I talk about all of this I want to make you realize the true power of this business once you have things setup right. For
the last three days I’ve got basically no work done. I’ve been laying in bed with a horrible migrane headache and I’ve been
collecting sales on autopilot.

In fact today I laid down for an hour and woke up to a $1000 commission in one program, a few paypal payments from others
and got a few checks in the mail. This is exactly what you should be experiencing for yourself as well. This business becomes
easier and easier when you do everything below the right way.

So enough talking about me, let’s talk about the things most people get wrong and how you can make sure you do them right.

1)) You don’t have a mentor or you’re following the wrong person.

Usually people go at this business on their own and have no clue what they should or shouldn’t be doing. That’s like trying to
drive a race car with no previous experience. The other group of people find a mentor, but they pick someone who they think
will help them and once they join them the mentor is gone.


The mentor teaches one thing, but does another.

It’s like the blind leading the blind. If you want to get results you need to find someone who produces results for themselves,
for others and can show you the proper action steps needed to get results. With out this step, you’re dead in the water.

2)) You don’t have a support system in place.

Most people understand it’s possible to make money online and they see me and many others crushing it online, but they
don’t believe in themselves.


If they do believe in themselves once they tell their friends or family their dreams get crushed. Most people will think you’re
crazy, nuts and are a dreamer when you tell them what you plan to do.

Hell…..when I quit my job to build my business some of my family made comments like…

“Massimo must be going over there to get married”

“Massimo is silly to quit a $30k a year job”

“If he fails he’s going to wish he stayed at his job in this economy”

Now I make in excess of $50,000 a month and they have a whole new set of objections lol. People will always try to knock you
down. Sometimes it’s not on purpose, but it’s human nature.

Thats why you need to find a mastermind or a community of like minded people to support you when you’re building your
business. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not people who try to knock you down with their negative beliefs.

3)) You don’t have the skills to pay the bills.

Most people don’t know how to create websites, design landing pages and all of the technical stuff stops them. When I
started my online business I had this same issue, but you shouldn’t let this stuff stop you.

When you join my team you get all of this stuff done for you or I show you how to do this the simple way. Don’t let little
technology stand in your way because I’m no techie myself. I just figured out how to tap into systems or find people to do the
hard stuff for me.

4)) You don’t have a high converting sales funnel.

This is something that 99% of people fail with. They don’t have a high converting sales funnel in place that will guide their
leads where they want them to go. You need a system that will take people in the front door and do all the selling for you.

Most people are horrible at sales and this is why you should leave the selling to the pro’s and all you focus on is generating
the leads. I used to create all of my old sales funnels myself, but I’m to lazy for that now.

I focus on tapping into systems where the hard work is done for me and all I focus on is generate fresh leads and the sales
funnel goes to work for me even why I sleep and don’t work. You should be doing the same thing if you want a real business.

A real business doesn’t require you to physically be working in order to generate money.

When everything is setup properly you will make money when you sleep, when you take vacations and even when you’re
spending time with your family. These four things stopped me from being successful myself for way to long, but once I learned
how to correct this problem everything changed.

I can help you change your life in a very short time if you’re willing to apply yourself and learn a few basic skills. You want to
design your life around your business not the other way around. You can be a completely nobody and start making your first
$100 online.

Once you make a $100 you then scale to $1000.

Once you understand how to make $1000 it’s easy to make $10,000 a month.

This business isn’t hard once you understand how to tap into the right systems, align yourself with the right mentor and you
learn to do the right things.

Traffic is the key to this business, but not any old traffic. You need high converting leads looking to buy what you’re selling.
With out fresh leads for your business you won’t make sales and you will struggle to move your business forward.

Now thats all I have for you today and I hope you learned a thing or two. If you don’t get those four things right you will end up
just as frustrated as I once was myself. Get them right from the start and you could be doing better than I did a lot earlier.

Business Opportunity VS Investor Mindset

At least a few times a week I engage in this conversation with someone. The old opportunity Vs investor mindset. This will make the difference if you succeed or fail.

This exact concept is what caused me to fail for three straight years until I finally got it. I should’ve been making $50k a month a long time ago, but I had an opportunity seeker mindset.

Most people join a business opportunity with the wrong attitude and unrealistic expectations. This business isn’t hard, it doesn’t take rocket science and you don’t even need to be very smart (I understand one simple concept).

This business takes work and you need to enjoy the process. Most people enter this business with an opportunity seeker mindset just like taking diet pills to lose weight. Losing weight is a lot like making money (did I say I play boxe since 20 years?) because it takes being consistent and putting in the work daily.

When most people take a diet pill they take it for 3 weeks and then go on to say how it doesn’t work because they didn’t get their desired result. They didn’t even give the diet pill long enough to really take effect and start working it’s magic.

People do the same thing when it comes to making money online. They quit before they gain any major traction.

This is what we call an opportunity seeker mindset.

Now on the other hand we have realistic people who have what I call the investor mindset.

They understand:

– It takes money to make money.

– It takes learning a few basic skills first.

– It requires enjoying the process of learning and growing into a stronger, wiser and better version of yourself.

Now investor mindsets think of things a lot different than the opportunist. Opportunist see things with “how can I make money fast”

The investor looks at what people are buying and think to themselves “how can I serve this market”. This reminds me of my favorite story from Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich Book”.

To give you the short version, Napoleon talks about this guy who hears about the gold rush and he convinces everyone in the town to loan him money.

He raises enough money to buy all the tools, hire men and set out to a nearby town to dig for gold. He promised everyone who invested to pay them back with interest from the gold he finds.

He dug for three straight months and finally he goes broke because he doesn’t discover any gold. He decides it’s time to quit, pack up shop and go back to the town with his head tucked between his legs and tell everyone he failed.

This guy is what we will call the opportunity seeker.

Now before he left he sold his equipment to a local farmer.

The farmer had no real education or any background in business, but he was smart enough to use logic and to realize he just needed to hire a land surveyor to find the fault line. Long story short the farmer (investor) become really rich and the man who originally dug for the gold was left feeling pretty crummy.

Now that man learned a very valuable lesson from all of this.

Never, ever, ever under any circumstances give up.

He later went on to be the richest insurance salesman of his time because he learned to never give up. Now this story is very similar to my story because I used to be the opportunity seeker jumping from one opportunity to the next.

Now I focus on one opportunity at a time, build it to a six figure + income and then add another to the mix.

I also learned that the key to creating a big income in this business was to focus on high ticket affiliate programs that pay out big commissions.

This allowed me to get less customers and make more money with only having to work a few hours a day. If you want to be the investor then this is the program I highly recommend (click here and look)

Make MONEY in Autopilot. Really?

If you’ve been on my email subscriber list for a little while this may be a bigger shocker to you but….

I almost never got started online.


I was scared.

I’ve never been very tech savvy. I knew how to check my email, look at Facebook and watch Youtube videos, but that it. I
remember when I first started and I spent a whole month trying to learn how to create a darn website. The aftermath wasn’t very pretty 😉

So I started spending my hard earned dollars hiring web developers to create a website for my business. This didn’t end well either because it was a lot of back and forth headaches and by the time it was complete I was frustrated with this whole online money making thing. At this point I started thinking the making money from the internet was only for “gifted people”.

I seen tons of people making lots of money and thats what kept the fire inside me that maybe one day I could make it all work.
Fortunately for me now the Internet has made it possible for me to makes thousands of dollars every day.

The internet is by far the best way to make money why you eat, sleep, work or do absolutely nothing at all. I make a very large
income online, but for a newbie it can be very frustrating to get up and running and making money fast.

The thing that drives me nuts is watching how many people give up before they ever make their first dollar online. 99% of the
time it’s because they let technology get in the way of making money.

I’ve went through this myself so I completely understand. Thankfully there are easier solutions these days that eliminate the
need to learn all of these technical skills. Theres programs like this one that has everything setup for you so that you can focus
on marketing and get into profit much faster.

If you’re looking to make a full time income online and you want to avoid all the technical stuff and have someone even do all
the selling for you then I have a solution for you.

The benefits of this system are:

– You don’t need to know how to do anything technical.

– You need zero selling or marketing skills.

– You don’t need a website or any special tools.

With this system:

– Everything is setup for you and ready to start making money.

– You get a dedicated six figure earner working with you to help you get results.

– You have a dedicated phone team doing all the selling for you.

– Theres a guarantee that if you don’t make your first $1000 in 30 days they will pay you $500 cash.

Theres a lot of business opportunities on the market, but very few will guarantee you will make money and stand behind it. I
have several successful people who have joined my team. Including an Indonesian girl making $37k, a guy making as much as $8k days and even one of the coaches is my old coaching student.

So this system works for everyday people all around the world and it will work for YOU too.

====> Test It Out Here

By joining you will get my bonuses:

– $2,000 coaching course which shows you exactly how I produce the results in my business.

– Access to my $997 a monthly mastermind coaching group where I show you everything I do and how to do it too.

– Other amazing Surprises! ($1,700 value)

====> Test It Out Here

If you try it out and you’re not happy simply ask for a refund.

How to make $100000 a Year online

I was just talking to a buddy and he was telling me how he’s on pace to make $100,000 his very first year online. He’s using the same system on which our group have made $120k in 5 months. However what amazed me is how this guy is on track to make $100k his very first year out of the gate.

So I asked him, what’s your secret?

To be honest I was a bit amazed because I struggled a long time before I hit success myself. So he told me just tapped into this system, followed what the coaches told him to do and now he’s getting consistent sales.

During our conversation one thing really shocked me.

He said……”I don’t understand why so many people struggle when they don’t have to”.

Then it struck me, he’s right.

Even when I started out in this industry I wanted to overcomplicate things and let myself think the successful people must know something I don’t. However my friend here come into this business with the right attitude and he never once let it cross his mind that he would fail.

He said……I just joined, followed what the coaches told me and made money and then scaled up.

I will be honest, I almost felt stupid that it took me years to figure out how easy this business really is and he figured it out in months of starting. The only difference was he followed the system and I tried to make up my own way of doing things.

Do you make the same mistake?

What if you actually shut out those negatives thoughts in your head and you actually listened to what someone successful told you to do and followed the steps to get results?

This business comes down to generating leads, position the offer, make sales and if you follow the simple steps it’s a game proof plan to six figures.

Here’s where you start CLICK >> SIX FIGURES <<

You will get:

– A coach to walk you through the whole process.
– All the tools you need to get up and running and in profit fast.
– A GUARANTEE that if you don’t make at least $1000 they will pay you $500 cash.
– Full money back guarantee so the risk is all on them.
– Get to work with me and I share all my traffic sources to get results.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Instead take my friends approach and follow the steps.

Get Success Online

One of the biggest questions I get from my readers is this: “Massimo, how long does it take to get success?”

Ready for the answer?

It takes one second to become successful. Success is simply a mindset, it requires a shift in the way you think and it requires YOU to make a decision. Success isn’t something that is based on luck or only reserved for the gifted.

When I started I had zero skills, no background with computers and outside of using Facebook and checking my email thats all that I knew how to do. Success requires you to make a decision to put in the work, hold yourself accountable and for you to actually be responsible for your own results.

Most people never reach success because they say things like:

– I’m going to give this a shot.

– I hope this works out.

– I’m going to test this out and if see some results I will fully commit myself.

These types of people will never be successful in anything they do.

===> Make The Decision To Be Successful Here!

It’s kind of like taking weight loss pills and if you start to see results then you make the decision to go to the gym and lift weights. Things don’t work like that!

Most people write me expecting me to give them a cookie cutter response like “it will be 45 days from now and you will make $20k”. I wish it was that simple, but it isn’t.

I’ve seen some people get results in just a few weeks.

Some people it took months.

Some people even take years. However it’s not about long it takes them to get results.

===> Make The Decision To Be Successful Here!

They made a DECISION and they committed to see it through until they get the results they desire. They decided no matter how tough it got or what obstacles they may face that it wouldn’t beat them.

They decided if someone else is making $1k + a day online then “damn it” they can too. Thats what separates the successful from the people not making any money online.

Most people aren’t and never will be successful because they didn’t make the DECISION to be. If you’re not successful yet then do yourself a favor and make that decision right now.

===> Make The Decision To Be Successful Here!

Not tomorrow, not next month and not when you think the time is right……….but do it RIGHT NOW!

This is your life and everyday you let go by that you didn’t make that decision is a day you lost and you can’t get back.

I made the decision a long time ago and every successful person in business, sports or anyone who has ever achieved anything great made that decision as well.

It’s not about how long does it take to be successful……

It’s about making the DECISION to be successful.

If I never made that decision a few years back I would not be making $400,000+ on the internet. If you haven’t made that decision you can do that here.