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Mi presento, sono Massimo D’Amico del Gruppo Freeperclick.
Facciamo Business su internet dal 1999 e sappiamo bene come far funzionare le cose  (
clicca qui e vedi alcuni risultati di Guadagni). Se ancora non ti bastasse, puoi cliccare qui per altre informazioni.

In un primo periodo avevo realizzato questo blog per il mercato estero (lingua inglese), dove possiedo molti business di Successo. Successivamente ho cambiato idea pensando al mercato italiano e scrivendo articoli nel blog in italiano, perche’ serve maggiore chiarezza che qui in Italia è un optional.

Quello che penso sul nostro paese? (1) c’è grande confusione sui business online… (2) molta gente non ha esperienza di affari ma vuole parlare a vanvera… (3) tonnellate di cavolate sul Guadagno Internet dette da persone che guadagnano 10 euro al mese. E si definiscono imprenditori!

Personalmente mi sono costruito una grande reputazione grazie ai vari marchi “Freeperclick” e serieta’ di lavoro da oltre 14 anni (vera imprenditoria). Vendo prodotti con molti Partner prestigiosi tra cui Amazon e Bruno Editore (Autostima), inoltre sono il fondatore del “Gruppo Freeperclick” che è un insieme di Esperti nel loro campo.

Sappi che nell’ultimo periodo abbiamo regalato Formazione Gratuita per oltre 9.000 Euro, compreso un gruppo Facebook pieno di contenuti/materiali di valore.





My name is Massimo D’Amico. I am an Italian guy that live in Italy, 40 km near Venice (sorry for my errors but english is not my primary language). I work on the internet because it’s my passion and you can make a lot of money in autopilot, I am a web entrepreneur, a web marketer and an author.

A little NOTE: I’m not a perfect man and I made many bad mistakes in my life. In my opinion money are not what’s important, I think that it’s the person you become in the process and the peoples lives you will touch during your journey.

My business partners are Zach and Devon. I built different successful services and made over $400,000+ on the internet just by using a small computer + internet connection. MY GOAL? … My goal is to help my subscribers learn from my mistakes and get faster success than I did by avoiding making all the same mistakes I’ve made.

If you desire you can see some of my websites below:

One of the biggest questions people write me about is how to deal with all the outside circumstances life throws out them why trying to build their business. Why most marketers are writing you everyday telling you about the new shiny program that launched that will make you $3000 overnight (YAWN!)

Most people are just trying to figure out how to launch their business why short on money, juggling their responsibilities like kids and family and trying to get enough sleep before the next day of work.

So I will give it to you straight……

“If it will be, it’s up to YOU”

If you want to build your business, quit your job and live the lifestyle you truly deserve YOU have to take responsibility for yourself, your business and your future right now.

Most people making excuses like:

– I couldn’t work on my business tonight because (insert excuse here)

– I could build my business if I just had more money.

– I could build my business if someone would just show me how.

– I could build my business if I had the email list like you do.

– Any other BS excuse people come up with.

Your business will never be a real business until you start treating it like a business. You see…..people pursue their hobbies when they have spare time and when the timing is right. But…..the timing is never right when you’re building your business.

You will have ruts, obstacles, frustrations and people trying to stand in your way of success. People will tell you that you can’t do it, upset you and doubt you.

You will feel like you’re not worthy, aren’t smart enough and think other people must know something you don’t know. You will do well, hit obstacles, run out of money, make lots of money and hit obstacles again.

Success isn’t a pretty road, it’s the road less traveled. It’s more like a roller coaster ride that will leave you bruised, battered and beat to hell.

But……the difference is a job beats the hell out of you, drains you, mentally taxes you, under pays you and kills your confidence to the point that you think you’re worth a dollar amount.

But…. the truth is your time is worth a lot more than you’re currently being paid.

Whether YOU know it now or not, you have value my friend and until you take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your business you will remain stuck. I used to be a complainer and a major excuse maker, but once I took responsibility for myself and my business everything changed.

You can start today, bust your ass for 3 months and be out of your job when you make the DECISION to. Instead of plugging an affiliate link here I will leave you to think about that one for a while.