How to make Millions of Dollars online

How to make millions of dollars online? …The RIGHT ANSWER is “The Focus on your Business”. Take a look at the following words from Shaqir, one of my amazing partners in MOBE.  ( look below for pretty good stuff 🙂 )

What’s your #1 secret for success?”

There are many, for TODAY : My answer? FOCUS!

What do I mean by “focus?” I mean…

You need to be selective about what gets your attention at any given time. You have to be strategic in your choice of what to focus on.

Think about a military commander. Is he going to send a handful of troops here, a handful there, spreading them around to wherever there’s some noise?

Heck no!

He’s going to be FOCUSED.

He’ll decide on a STRATEGY – what he wants to achieve overall.


And finally, he’ll direct all his forces to that one target.

He’s going to hit it hard.

He’s going to WIN that battle before he moves on to the next.

You’ve got to focus just like that military commander.

You’ve got to strategically select which goals you’ll fight for now – and which ones you’ll attack later.

Oh sure, you can try to fight ten different battles at once. But how likely are you to win any of those battles? Not very.

When you spread your energy that thin, it takes way too long to get anywhere. Eventually, after months or years, you might win one or two battles… but getting there is so much harder!

No matter how much you try to argue against it, FOCUS is still the #1 success factor.

Without it, none of the other self-development methods will work. I learned about focus the hard way – by struggling against it.

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