How to be a good father/mother:
No matter the kind of course you’re studying, nobody will teach you how to be a good, caring and loving father/mother. Though school may teach you how to make babies but it will never teach you how to change their diapers, tell them lullabies, buy them clothes or give them a goodnight kiss.

How to be a good husband/wife:
They will tell you the definition of marriage and the duties of husband to wife and vice versa but school will never teach you how to make love to your husband or wife, tell her sorry when you’re wrong or hold her hands when she’s sad.

How to make/manage money:
The school hardly teaches you how to make money or create wealth. They will gladly (as they are paid to) teach you how to be a corporate slave who works really hard for money with the blind hope that he will become rich one day. In fact as a student you dare not mention ‘money’ unless you are paying for tuition fee or buying handout. If you’re a bit money conscious you’re termed “igbo man” (eastern Nigerians who are ever business minded).

How to start and run a successful business:
While learning how to start and run a profitable business does not guarantee 100% success but it gives you an edge or advantage over others and increase your odds for success. Sadly, our school teaches us very ridiculous mathematics that we may never use till we live this world. An average Nigerian graduate will only think of starting a business as his last option after many years of searching for a white collar job.

How to deal with failure/disappointment:
The school frowns at failure and will hate anyone who fails. They want you to belief that failure is a terrible thing that you need to avoid like a disaster. They have given us a very blind opinion about failure, so as human we do not want to fail because we have this human need that seeks the approval of others.

The only advice that teachers will give you when you fail is “read harder”. Hello! But I have read so hard! Well you won’t really blame them, that’s what they were told in their own time. Now, you are left with you and yourself to figure out how to deal with your failure and disappointment.

You see, the school will never teach you any of these things because everybody is out there to make money. Sometimes, I wonder why do our parents, teachers, and the society expect us to make money when nobody taught us how to make money?

These are the things we will never know in school, but do you know that you can develop yourself into a great individual even after school and the world will marvel at your success. You can achieve great things by taking the right steps and making the right decisions.



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