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Today I want to share a tip with you on how to market your business the right way and why you should avoid what most people do. Regardless what the guru’s told you about needing a big list to make a lot of money it’s simply not true.

THE SECRET IS => You need to add massive value to peoples lives.

For these reasons I have a team of people that help people to reach their business GOAL (this is the real secret that you need in your business, write it down before to waste your money in advertising).

Most people post their biz opp, spam their product in every single post. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!

Business 101: Relationship Building

The problem with internet marketing as a whole is that people started pushing this angle to hide behind a computer, send people to a squeeze page and tweak to get conversions. That’s great and all and I’m all for automation, but nothing will ever beat relationship building.

When I tell people how big my email list is and how much money I make a month their jaw hits the floor. Most people are to busy being “ME” marketers and trying to extract every dollar they can as people go through their sales funnel and then off to buy more traffic to get more customers.

However they don’t realise they’re losing a ton of money. Your best customers will always be people who already purchased from you. I’ve built a loyal following and it’s because I focus on 80% value and 20% selling.

Most people have no clue when I do sell them, but they don’t realize I’m selling them on working with me everyday. People buy from people they like and trust, not some random person mailing them to a sales page or spamming their link on their FB wall.

There will always be that newbie who buys as soon as they get on your list, but once people wise up they’re looking for a leader to follow.

You have two choices:

– Buy tons and tons of traffic to get conversions.

– Focus on providing tons of value and convert a large percentage of people who go through your funnel and turn them into loyal customers.

I don’t know about you, but I like the 2nd option. Everything I do comes down to stuffing value down peoples throats until they know I’m the guy they need to work with.

I do it on my blog, in my sales funnels, in my training and when I have one on one conversations with people. When you serve people at the highest level your conversion rates sky rocket through the roof. I’m about to step into the arena to play with the big boys and run 10’s of thousands of dollars in traffic a month.

Will I drop my value approach?

Hell no!!!!!!

I’m already laying the foundation by hiring more employees, preparing for the excess customers and making sure I can serve my customers at the highest level possible.

Over deliver on everything you do including helping people, sharing tips for free that will help people build their business, bonus packages and customer service. People will come back over and over again. I don’t need to sell.

I couldn’t stop the money that flows into my account if I wanted to. When you over deliver 24 freaking 7 then you stand miles above the competition. I think we’ve all had several experiences of buying peoples products and feeling taken or it wasn’t worth the money we spent.

Don’t be that guy or girl. Give your followers whatever they want and make sure it puts a smile on there face. And stop spamming your links because you’re wasting your time.


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