Would You Consider Yourself Intelligent?

Would You Consider Yourself Intelligent?
Would you consider yourself intelligent?

Alright. Try another question:
If you really tried, do you think you could get significantly
more intelligent?

Some people would say that’s impossible. They think that
smartness is basically fixed at birth. Their thought is that
some people are born geniuses, and some people are born
with average intelligence. But whatever you’re born with,
that’s what you’re stuck with.

Other people think differently:

They think that not only can you learn new information…
you can also grow your intelligence. You can get better
and better at processing information. Even if you’re born
with average intelligence… you can become a genius.

But who’s right? The people who think that intelligence is “fixed,”
or those who think it “growable”?

It actually doesn’t really matter who’s right.


Studies done by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck show
that people with the “growth” mindset—that is, people who think
they can grow their intelligence and abilities—tend to be
more motivated. And productive. And happy. And they have
better relationships.

They tend to be the great achievers.

And people with the “fixed” mindset tend to do worse at all
of these things.

So that whatever you believe about yourself… you’re right.
It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Shifting gears a bit…

Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

Here’s the good news:

If Dweck is right, it doesn’t really matter whether you have
what it takes. As long as you have the right mindset, and
the right information… you can learn to be a successful entrepreneur.

Our Community won’t give you the right mindset if you don’t already
have it. You have to learn that on your own.

But our Community will give you the right information,
once you have the right mindset.

It compiles the information you need for starting a home business.
And it breaks it all down into 21 steps. Go through the steps one
at a time, and learn how to start making big commissions online.

Of course, if you have the wrong mindset… and think that
it’s basically impossible for you to make significant gains
in your intelligence and skill…

You might as well give it up now.

However, if you have the right mindset… it doesn’t matter
how qualified you are at step 1. You’ll be plenty qualified
by the time you finish step 21.


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