Are You Struggling?

One of the most common things I hear people say when they tell me they can’t start a business is:

“I don’t have money”

Now I can’t help but think: The reason they are even considering a business is the same excuse they use for not starting one.

“I don’t have money”

Most people go searching for ways to generate extra income online to supplement their current income or to help crawl out of the piles of debt they’re in.

Trust me, I understand.

I was $50,000 in debt when I started online. You can’t use this as an excuse to not get started because when you’re struggling you can’t afford not to get started.

You see if you don’t start changing the way you think about money RIGHT NOW, then 6 months from now you’re are going to be in worse shape then you’re currently.

Let’s face it……Things aren’t getting any cheaper. I don’t care what situation you’re in currently.

If every month you’re just getting by and you’re not able to stack a large amount of money in your savings to live the life you deserve…..

….Then your financial situation sucks. I realize you may not like hearing this and I’m not saying you’re a bad person or putting you down. I was there once too!

What I am saying is if you don’t start changing your financial situation soon……

You’re just one one car problem away from being broke.
You’re just one home repair away from being broke.

What will you do?
What will your family do?
How will you pay the bills?

This is not of a question of will it happen. It’s a question of WHEN. And if you’re using “I don’t have the money” as an excuse of why you can’t change your life for the better….You’re not going to like your future 6, 12 and 24 months from now.

It’s time you take control of your life RIGHT NOW:


Don’t allow a boss to decide what you’re worth because I’m here to tell you, you’re worth a lot more than you’re currently getting paid.

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Business Tips how to make more Money 2

Most people are focused on the newest opportunity, the new shiny object and everything except list building. When you can build a big list you can sell anything. It’s your personal ATM machine.

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Business Opportunity VS Investor Mindset

At least a few times a week I engage in this conversation with someone. The old opportunity Vs investor mindset. This will make the difference if you succeed or fail.

This exact concept is what caused me to fail for three straight years until I finally got it. I should’ve been making $50k a month a long time ago, but I had an opportunity seeker mindset.

Most people join a business opportunity with the wrong attitude and unrealistic expectations. This business isn’t hard, it doesn’t take rocket science and you don’t even need to be very smart (I understand one simple concept).

This business takes work and you need to enjoy the process. Most people enter this business with an opportunity seeker mindset just like taking diet pills to lose weight. Losing weight is a lot like making money (did I say I play boxe since 20 years?) because it takes being consistent and putting in the work daily.

When most people take a diet pill they take it for 3 weeks and then go on to say how it doesn’t work because they didn’t get their desired result. They didn’t even give the diet pill long enough to really take effect and start working it’s magic.

People do the same thing when it comes to making money online. They quit before they gain any major traction.

This is what we call an opportunity seeker mindset.

Now on the other hand we have realistic people who have what I call the investor mindset.

They understand:

– It takes money to make money.

– It takes learning a few basic skills first.

– It requires enjoying the process of learning and growing into a stronger, wiser and better version of yourself.

Now investor mindsets think of things a lot different than the opportunist. Opportunist see things with “how can I make money fast”

The investor looks at what people are buying and think to themselves “how can I serve this market”. This reminds me of my favorite story from Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich Book”.

To give you the short version, Napoleon talks about this guy who hears about the gold rush and he convinces everyone in the town to loan him money.

He raises enough money to buy all the tools, hire men and set out to a nearby town to dig for gold. He promised everyone who invested to pay them back with interest from the gold he finds.

He dug for three straight months and finally he goes broke because he doesn’t discover any gold. He decides it’s time to quit, pack up shop and go back to the town with his head tucked between his legs and tell everyone he failed.

This guy is what we will call the opportunity seeker.

Now before he left he sold his equipment to a local farmer.

The farmer had no real education or any background in business, but he was smart enough to use logic and to realize he just needed to hire a land surveyor to find the fault line. Long story short the farmer (investor) become really rich and the man who originally dug for the gold was left feeling pretty crummy.

Now that man learned a very valuable lesson from all of this.

Never, ever, ever under any circumstances give up.

He later went on to be the richest insurance salesman of his time because he learned to never give up. Now this story is very similar to my story because I used to be the opportunity seeker jumping from one opportunity to the next.

Now I focus on one opportunity at a time, build it to a six figure + income and then add another to the mix.

I also learned that the key to creating a big income in this business was to focus on high ticket affiliate programs that pay out big commissions.

This allowed me to get less customers and make more money with only having to work a few hours a day. If you want to be the investor then this is the program I highly recommend (click here and look)